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2016 Summer Youth Program

Swing Back

Taste Harlem’s Heyday in the 1920’s when

Jazz and Jazz Dance

was elevated to the world stage















The Harlem Swing Dance Society’s summer program will have attendees ”Swinging on Something: Beyond Books and Computers”! Within an hour Harlem inspired book reading and storytelling comes to life with interactive participation about Harlem and its dance history. A fun and unique program that features books, Q & A Discussion, film clips, a dance lesson and resources within four walls or outside of it.










Contact us NOW to experience and learn about Harlem’s rich Jazz dance culture and go away swinging on something!

This program is made possible by The Harlem Swing Dance Society, community supporters and a special grant from Citizens Committee of New York City with their Neighborhood Grants

Phone:  347 - 709 - 7022

Message us here or at our main page: 

The Harlem Swing Dance Society -


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