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 20th Anniversary

The American Lindy Hop Championships 



  SWING BACK:  This year's American Lindy Hop Championships

will be held in Harlem  

October 26th thru 29th


For this  celebration  we are offering a festival of places and events centered around Lindy Hop's birthplace.  Exciting offerings include classes of Lindy, Tap & Jazz and Youth workshops.


Other special features are films, panel discussions, tours, social dances and - of course -  dance contests!

Please click the info link for FULL details



Special and Exclusive Harlem Swing Dance Tour

      SATURDAY  OCTOBER 28th    1pm - 3:30pm

The Harlem Swing Dance Society's  Special "Harlem Lindy Hop/Jazz Tour" will have you sampling the sights and sounds that infused musicians, jazz dance and the area's rich cultural landscape.  In Black & White - and Color - we will tackle the complex questions along with the scenes of the past that made history.  Honest discussion  about the dance scene today in Harlem is encouraged.


Why is Harlem the way that it is?  Why is the growth today on the swing dance scene - if any - so slow?  How does race and gentrification make or break Harlem? Does Harlem REALLY appreciate ALL of it's famed cultural offerings?


Join us and get the answers!

ALHC PASS Holders - $25pp

All others: $35 pp

Day of (If there is room) $40 pp

Link for details - or click on picture

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