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The Harlem Swing Dance Society (THSDS)  is thrilled with their latest dance drives

for Harlem Youth:

Harlem's Lindy Hop Initiative



The Harlem Swing Dance Society is giving back culturally to Harlem Youth an experience they will remember, learning history in a fun exciting way. Currently Harlem Youth are at risk of losing their cultural identity with Harlem's signature dance art form.  To help them distinctively make a new mark with their folk dance The Harlem Swing Dance Society  is incorporating  youth's new styles of dance with the authentic jazz steps.   This dance exchange or SWOP will take place bringing excitement for all observers and birth to a new dance phenomenon!


This FREE Lindy Hop Experience will have students gaining a pride and confidence as their population is currently out of the loop with the Jazz, Lindy Hop and Swing dance culture (as it is still being done worldwide).  By infusing enthusiasm and their take on these dances  they can be future ambassadors of a fresh new trend - and build a cultural art form to invigorate future generations to their Harlem dance roots and history. 

All donations towards this ground breaking and exciting work endeavor are greatly appreciated. 

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