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    Harlem Swing Dance & Jazz Tours


Harlem is New York’s most vibrant and Cultural Touring Destination







Take the A Train:

Swing Back up to Harlem!  


Lindy Hop over...

Have a dancing and jazzy journey...







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             Harlem Roots - World Impact


The Lindy Hop: Harlem's Signature Cultural Dance is integral to Jazz...

Swing Back:  Taste Harlem’s heyday in the 1920’s when jazz and jazz dance was elevated to the world stage!


We invite you on a cultural journey through Harlem’s illustrious jazz and dance past - and to soak it up in the present.  Visit the iconic places of the Harlem Renaissance and discover why this unique period is historic and relevant for African-American culture.


The Harlem Swing Dance and Lindy Hop/Jazz Tour focuses on an overlooked aspect of the Black experience that went all over the world - and still revered and cultivated till this day. We cover the Harlem Renaissance period of 1920s up thru 1958, highlighting Harlem’s historic dance contribution of the Lindy Hop and its famed home of the Savoy Ballroom. Further information will be shared concerning the unprecedented Harvest Moon Ball streak owned by means of the Lindy Hop, along with The Mama Lou Parks Dance legacy (1959 - 1980's).  Their contributions, representing Harlem is integral to  the full Lindy Hop history.  

Sights and landmarks pertaining to Jazz, the Lindy Hop dance culture, the great migration will be reviewed and visited.  The current Harlem Renaissance and Lindy Hop/Swing Dance revival in Harlem along with its Trailblazers will also be featured and discussed.


You’ll consider this one and only occasion as one of your greatest, so swing on up on the A Train and Lindy Hop over!











About (Tour)

 Culture – Dance – JAZZ - Lindy Hop – SAVOY- Swing!


This unique experience The Harlem Swing Dance and Lindy Hop/Jazz Tour is lead by Barbara Jones, a licensed tour guide. As a Harlem Jazz Dance Enthusiast and member of The Harlem Swing Dance Society team she is passionate about ALL of Harlem's famed dance history and desires it to be shared and known.


The Harlem Swing Dance Society is the premier Harlem organization promoting, preserving, propagating and protecting Harlem’s rich Lindy Hop and Swing Dance culture in its Harlem home.

This unique Harlem Experience will have you:

  • Gain an appreciation of the Harlem jazz dance experience, seeing where these legendary Trailblazers once performed and lived    

  • Grasp key portions of the past and current Harlem Renaissance, along with the  Lindy Hop/Swing Dance revival in Harlem spearheaded by The Harlem Swing Dance Society

  • Learn about  Harlem's incredible Harvest Moon Ball winning streak from 1935 till the late 1980s that includes Mama Lou Parks'  legacy

  •  Dancers will be able to Swing Out by the Savoy Plaque where it once stood: What better way to end an insightful walk thru Harlem!


  • Visitors will discover things to see in Harlem: Places to eat, hear gospel music along with finding his or her way around with ease.  

  • Tourists will gain an knowledge of inexpensive ways to experience Harlem beyond the tour


The Harlem Swing Dance Society offers exciting walking tours, van or bus tours, and student tours. Equally invigorating private tours and corporate incentive tours can be arranged.  This unique tour also makes a great gift idea.


An exciting and enlightening experience - from a local perspective -  is guaranteed with a community tour by those who see and experience Harlem’s rich culture at a grass roots level.  



Come Back Home to Where it ALL Began


See you soon!



$ 55 pp; Tours of 11 and more $ 45 pp




40 or more passengers: Please call or email us for further information

Check-In Information

Meet up and start location will be on 125th Street - more TBA

Cancellation Policy

Generally tours will take place rain or shine…. however tours are cancelled if weather conditions are dangerous. Upon THSDS cancelling the tour the ticket holder is entitled to reschedule the tour or we will be issued a full refund.


You will be expected to:

     1.   Wear face coverings during all activities

      2.  Maintain social distancing


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