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The Harlem Swing Dance Society is gladly giving back culturally to Harlem thru community outreach - and with  help from friends like you!


Whether it be our Free Harlem Youth Dance Classes, Summer Youth Program Initiatives, adult classes, workshops, performances:  All of these will have Harlemites  regain appreciation of the Jazz, Lindy Hop and Swing Dance culture.  We will also be able to document remaining Harlem Dance Icons and Pioneers who were at the Savoy Ballroom, The Savoy Manor, Smalls Paradise... and who danced with Mama Lu Parks' dance groups.  Many who are still with us who participated in the famous Harvest Moon Ball contest, and their recollections will help bring that rich history and inspiration back to a new generation.


Please help us re-build this famed cultural art form to invigorate future children to revere thier Harlem dance roots and history. 

All donations towards this ground breaking and exciting work endeavor are greatly appreciated. 


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